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Meta Quest+ VR Subscription Now Available

Meta Quest 2 player

Over the past few months, rumours have circulated that a Meta Quest+ subscription service was on the way. That rumour has now been confirmed, with the company launching its new Meta Quest+ VR subscription today, giving headset owners a new way to enjoy the Quest Store’s range of games.

The new service will offer subscribers two hand-picked games a month to play, with the selection refreshing on the first of each month. The idea is that instead of gamers scrolling through the store wondering what to buy, that curation is handled for them. So they can simply enjoy playing new games.

Meta Quest+ Details

Available for Quest 2, Quest Pro and the upcoming Quest 3, the subscription service retails for $7.99 USD per month. Or you can pay $59.99 USD annually so you can save 37% on the monthly cost. As an initial offer, signups before 31st July 2023 only cost $1 for the first month. Very similar to a lot of subscription services. You can cancel at any time but it’ll auto-renew if you don’t.

To get the ball rolling Meta Quest+ is offering up two major titles. The first is Cloudhead Games’ excellent rhythm-action game Pistol Whip. It’s filled with thumping beats and gun-toting gameplay that’s energetic and addictive in equal measure. Secondly, there’s Pixel Ripped 1995, a nostalgic trip back to one of the golden eras of gaming. If you love retro aesthetics, comical gameplay and a fun vibe then you’re in luck!

Meta has also revealed which games will be available in August. One of the best-rated games on the Quest Store is Mighty Coconut’s Walkabout Mini Golf, it’ll be available alongside MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE by Terrible Posture Games. Walkabout Mini Golf is an unmissable and uniquely compelling social VR experience. Whilst MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE is a pure roguelike bullet-hell experience with a huge array of customisable weaponry.

You get to keep these games for as long as you subscribe, so the value grows over time. Meta also notes: “if you rejoin down the road, you’ll regain access to all of the titles from your original paid subscription period.”

Are you interested in Meta Quest+? Let us know in the comments below.

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