The Quest 1 Freeze Continues With Walkabout Mini Golf in July

It’s a year of out with the old and in with the new. Earlier this month Mighty Coconut launched its very popular Walkabout Mini Golf for PSVR 2. Following that rollout, the studio has announced it’s going to freeze support for the golfing title on Meta Quest 1.

For exactly the same reasons as Myst, Synth Riders, and others – the Meta Quest v51 SDK – Mighty Coconut has been forced to freeze any and all future updates for the Quest 1 version of the game. However, just like those aforementioned titles, the studio will create a “frozen” version of the game so Quest 1 owners can still play it. “This build will not receive any further course or feature updates,” Mighty Coconut notes in a statement. “While we will strive to provide occasional updates to this branch, we cannot guarantee their frequency or availability.”

Walkabout Mini Golf - Bogeys Bonanza

Beating the Walkabout Mini Golf cold

When it comes to this “frozen” version, the team says they’re: “currently planning to make the frozen Quest 1 build available July 2023.” So you should have no problem playing the game until then. After that time Quest 1 features, especially multiplayer, may lose functionality.

“We are planning to keep multiplayer working on Quest 1 for as long as we can, but after November 2023 multiplayer functionality may be limited or non-functional due to versioning requirements for our multiplayer servers.”

If you are a Quest 1 owner the studio does offer a couple of ways to continue playing. The obvious one is to upgrade to Meta Quest 2 – or even a Quest Pro – as logging into your account will transfer the data over. Or there is the PC option via Link-cable if you have a VR-compatible computer. On the other hand, you may want to hold off until the mixed reality-focused Quest 3 arrives.

Walkabout Mini Golf adds to a growing list of games dropping Quest 1 support. Expect that list to grow before the end of the year.

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