Dead Hook Delayed as New Trailer Drops

Stride developer Joy Way was planning to release its next title Dead Hook later this week for Quest 2. That’s no longer the case as a new trailer has landed with a new launch date. This sees Dead Hook delayed by another month to the end of June.

The new trailer gives players a better glimpse at the type of gameplay Dead Hook is set to offer. Mixing up roguelike mechanics with arena-inspired action, Dead Hook focuses on fast locomotion, wall-to-wall carnage and endless demonic-looking enemies to deal with. After games like Stride and Against, Dead Hook continues Joy Way’s run of intense VR games.

Dead Hook - screenshot2

Detailing the delay in a Twitter post, Joy Way said that Dead Hook is technically ready but has delayed the launch “due to important business reasons.” Thankfully, this extra time will be put to good use and benefit players. “This extra time will be used for extra polish and finishing touches,” notes the studio. “As well as incorporating content that was planned for after the release.”

Dead Hook gameplay

The ‘hook’ in Dead Hook is the ability to traverse environments like you’re Spider-Man, flinging two huge metal chains out of your hands. These can be used offensively and defensively. Latch onto an enemy and smash them to pieces, or when there are too many opponents around you get out of there and find cover for a breather.

As this is a roguelike shooter, you’ll have an arsenal of weapons to choose from. From standard human guns like the trusty shotgun to more alien weaponry, there are ten to choose from. Each gun comes in six rarity levels, affecting its characteristics and alternate firing modes. Weapons can be upgraded during the run or swapped out for an alternative. They can also be dual-wielded.

Dead Hook is now slated for release on 29th June 2023 for Meta Quest 2. Take a look at the new gameplay trailer below. Let us know what you think of the upcoming game in the comments.