Red Matter 2 ‘Coming Soon’ to PSVR 2

Considering Red Matter 2 runs on the Meta Quest 2, it’s a stunning videogame to look at. This makes developer Vertical Robot’s recent news even more exciting, that Red Matter 2 is coming soon to PSVR 2.

No precise window just yet but Vertical Robot has released several details regarding the port. The PlayStation VR 2 edition will make use of the headset’s extra features and PlayStation 5’s graphical power. This will include “Silky-smooth 120fps, no reprojection!” states the studio, alongside “4K re-mastered textures” and “Enhanced lighting, shadows & bloom” to make a good-looking game even nicer. On top of all that, there’s foveated rendering to make it super clear wherever players look.

Red Matter 2 PSVR 2 - screenshot1

Red Matter 2 isn’t just a pretty face

Red Matter 2 might be lauded for its VR visuals but there’s more to the game than that. A sequel to 2019’s Red Matter thrilling puzzle adventure, this sequel continues your journey through space, on the hunt for a substance known only as ‘Red Matter’.

Set in a dystopian cold war setting, you play as Sasha an “agent awakened in a lunar base by an undercover operative and tasked with uncovering the secrets” hidden away in Volgravian bases. Heavily puzzle-led, you have a jet pack and hacking tool to navigate the abandoned facilities.

However, they’re not entirely quiet with Red Matter 2 introducing action sequences for the first time. With gun turrets to avoid and roaming robots to destroy, this livens the pace of this chilling title. Plus there are all the usual mind-bending elements the original was known for.

This isn’t the only upcoming game for Sony’s headset. Arriving much sooner is Walkabout Mini Golf for PSVR 2 where you and a few mates can enjoy a few 18-hole golf courses together.

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