Mod Your Own Pistol Whip Scenes With Pistol Mix

Cloudhead Games’ Pistol Whip has to be one of the most original titles in VR today. This rhythm shooter has plenty of scenes and in-game modifiers to change each run, but what if you want more? The developer has just released the open beta for its official modding tool Pistol Mix so you can do just that.

Only available for the PC VR edition, Pistol Mix offers the ability to remix existing Scenes. Or for a bigger challenge, build a personalised custom Scenes from scratch. The modding tool gives you access to all the items players know and love from the videogame. Including obstacles, type of enemy, environment design and more.

Pistol Mix image1

Pistol Mixing

Always wanted a really difficult Scene or maybe one to a particular type of music? Well, now you can. And it’s a facet Cloudhead Games has been keen to explore. “The ability to mod[ify] VR games is a pillar of what keeps users connected and engaged: it’s a way to collaborate and share their creations with fellow players,” the studio notes.

Pistol Mix’s Open Beta is available to anyone, simply head on over to Cloudhead Games’ Discord server to download it. As this is an open beta, users will not only be able to create, they’ll be able to help shape its growth. Once a Scene has been remixed or newly created, it can then be shared with the community via the page. Or simply hope on there to try everyone else’s.

The official launch will take place on 31st May 2023, after which time all Pistol Whip versions will be able to access the Remixes. “Players can browse and select these on the page, or directly in-headset,” says Cloudhead Games.

Pistol Whip is available for Meta Quest headsets, PSVR & PSVR 2, PICO and PC VR. It made XR Source’s best VR shooters list as well as our best VR rhythm action games selection.

Are you going to remix your own Pistol Whip Scenes? Let us know what you think of the modding tool.