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Fruit Ninja 2 Slices Onto Quest 2, PICO & PC VR on 6th April

Fruit Ninja 2 keyart

Fruit Ninja has always been one of those games that’s simple yet hugely effective in its delivery. The virtual reality version is a great introduction for new players and this week the sequel arrives. Developer Halfbrick Studios has announced that Fruit Ninja 2 will arrive for Meta Quest 2, PICO and PC VR headsets this Thursday 6th April.

Fruit Ninja VR 2 has been available on Steam as an early-access title since 2021. This Thursday’s launch will see it officially leave early access. In doing so, the PC VR version price will increase from $20 USD to $25. So you may want to get in there quickly.

What’s new in Fruit Ninja 2?

So Fruit Ninja has always been about slicing and dicing all sorts of fruit as fast as possible. The core mechanic remains unchanged – because why alter something players love?

However, the big new addition players will notice is the bow. Prefer a ranged weapon over melee combat? Well, now you can shoot fruit with a bow and arrow. Shoot fruit as fast as possible, practising your aim for killer ranged shots.

And there’s more. Classic, Arcade and Zen modes return alongside a new Rhythm Mode. Like all rhythm games, this will challenge you to keep up with the pace of the track. When you’re ready to relax, the lush world of Fruitasia and its many wonders.

Want to share that fruit salad bowl? A multiplayer mode lets you put your slicing skills to the test against others. Or grab the bow to play the new Apple Head mode – you can figure out how that one works!

Fruit Ninja 2 officially arrives for Quest 2, PICO and PC VR headsets on 6th April.

Halfbrick Studios are helping the development of another VR title, Thrill of the Fight 2. Working with indie developer Ian Fitz on the boxing sequel.

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