There’s Never Been a Better Time to Own a Quest 2

Own a Quest 2 - Stranger Things

Let’s be honest, virtual reality (VR) isn’t to everyone’s liking. Not all gamers desire to strap a computer to their face and start moving around in a virtual world. Those attitudes are slowly changing, thanks to better hardware and a greater abundance of quality software. The current front-runner is Meta’s Quest 2, a standalone headset packed with features on sale since 2020. It is the easiest path into VR, and thanks to a recent price cut and a huge amount of newly announced games, the argument to own a Quest 2 is even simpler.

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Apple Vision Pro: Specs, Release Date & Price

Apple Vision Pro with battery-FaceTime

Most of Apple’s WWDC 2023 keynote was the same old mediocre updates. Expensive new Macs, iOS enhancements – Stand by anyone! – and Apple Watch trying to make us all fitter. But, when CEO Tim Cook said there was “one more thing” we all knew what it was, Apple’s long-awaited mixed reality headset. In one bite-sized morsel, here are the Apple Vision Pro price, specs and release details.

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Bartender VR Simulator Serves Up a Quest Edition

Bartender VR Simulator keyart

Hot on the heels of the launch of Horror Bar VR, VR Factory has today launched Bartender VR Simulator for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. According to the developer, the Meta Quest version is a nearly 50% “more developed” version of a game that had a loyal fan base released a few years ago on PC VR and PlayStation VR. In this version, players will come face to face with customers ordering drinks, discover new bars and new game modes.

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Apple Vision Pro Isn’t Your Next VR Gaming Device

Apple Vision Pro - glass

The Apple Vision Pro has finally been unveiled, taking the XR world by storm! In typical Apple style, the presentation during the WWDC 2023 keynote was slick and stylish and left us wanting to know more about the device. A definite head-turner thanks to its feature set and design, there was one clear omission from the announcement; immersive gaming.

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Quest 3 Controller Tracking Pass the Beat Saber Expert+ Test

Quest 3 announcement controllers

The Meta Quest 3 announcement delighted VR fans last week, confirming pricing as well as a bunch of features. This included getting a first look at the new controllers which sport a sleeker design. The most visually striking difference over the Quest 2 controllers is the omission of a tracking ring. This has seen a flood of queries come in from gamers worried about how well the Quest 3 controller tracking will hold up. In an Instagram AMA over the weekend, Meta CTO Andrew “Boz” Bosworth went into greater detail regarding how the new system would work.

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